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Ever since we can remember, we've had farm dreams. For almost ten years we lived the urban life, but always had a bit of country in us. From our north Denver home, which we jokingly called Yetman Farms, we could see the Broncos stadium from our windows, but at the same time we had a big garden full of veggies, did a ton of composting, grew lots of raspberries and raised five chickens. We found ourselves constantly repeating to our girls, "When we move to the farm..." And then we took a leap and decided to actually do it. 


  When we moved to the farm in March of 2021, the existing 1960's farmhouse was abandoned and in need of an overhaul. After renovating inside (a never-ending process), we've started use the land to create beauty, grow food and are currently using 1/10 of an acre for a fresh cut flower farm.


Our farm is located in south Lakewood, not far from Belmar and right near the Bear Creek Trail. We are so happy to have have miles of biking, hiking and walking trails right outside our door. All of what we on the farm is lead by being a in harmony with the earth and nature as much as possible.. We compost, integrate and use our livestock in our farming, and do not use any chemical herbicides on our land. 

We are grateful for our four acres and for creative, dirt-filled life we are embarking on and hope that we leave our land better than we found it. We look forward to Yetman Farms being a welcoming, inspiring and vital part of the community.

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