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JeffCo Eats Summer Food Drive List
As a part of summer music series at the farm, we're helping support JeffCo eats through donations and helping with their summer food drive! When you come to the show on Sunday, grab some of the items below off your shelf and drop off at their donation booth at the farm!


We're seeking the following items for our Summer Food Drive Programs:

Mac and Cheese cups

Microwave soup cups

Takis (Snack box packs)

Vienna sausages

Individually wrapped snacks

Granola bars

Individual Fruit Gummies

Pop tart boxes

Chicken salad with crackers

Individual bag chips

Individual cereal bowls

Individual bag cookies

Tuna in pouches

12 pack ramen Ramen noodles in bowls

Pasta sauce (NO GLASS JARS)

Beef jerky/slim jim

Individual packets of Sunflower seeds

Tortillas Canned chiles

Canned veggies

Canned fruit

Please note we prefer individually-sized items for easier distribution.

We appreciate organic donations, but NO FRESH PRODUCE, please.

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